AHP fosters and adopts out all horses which have been picked up by the county because they are underweight or injured, or because they are in the wrong place.  Adoptions occur only after the mandatory 15 day hold and notifications are posted to the public through the Kentucky State Vet’s site and the Appalachian Horse Center’s Facebook page.  If an owner claims the horse during the 15 day period, they pay for the care of that horse during that time.

Below are some of the horses that have been adopted, as well as horses currently available for adoption (if any).

RAVEN, February 2018

RAVEN, February 2018

RAVEN - adopted

Raven was found wandering around on a road in Knott County in early February, and was severely underweight.  She was adopted in late February, 2018 by a  couple in Indiana who had been following the Appalachian Horse Project's Facebook page. Here is a report from them at the end of March:

"Raven is settling in well here in Indiana. She had her 1st vet visit here and is healthy, although she didn't care for having her temperature taken lol. My vet puts her age around 18. In the next couple of months she will have her teeth floated and a farrier visit. She has picked out her own "room" and will go stand in it when we start getting feed ready. She continues to gain weight. Raven is doing great here and we look foreword to having many years together with her. Thank you again for choosing us to adopt her."


Ragu before and after.JPG

rAGU - adoption pending
August, 2018

In April, somebody reported a skinny horse in Knott County. After being seen by a vet and put in a foster home, “Ragu” steadily gained weight and was easily broke to ride. He has no stall vices and could become an excellent trail horse in the right setting with some training. At 14.3 hands and 8 years old, he is a nice size with lots of years ahead of him. He is a Tenneesse Walking Horse gelding.



cocopuff - adopted
March, 2018

This adorable pony mare was found after she was found in a Knott County farm, perhaps mistakenly believing with her bay and white coat she could blend in with the cows. The farm owner moved her to a cow pasture without cattle in it. Volunteers with the Appalachian Horse Project picked her up, moved her to a foster home, and found her a new home. Cocopuff was adopted by a ten year old girl involved with 4-H in Leslie County.


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