Protecting horses and creating economic development for this coal-impacted region in Kentucky is very important.  But just as important are the Appalachian Horse Project’s contributions to the region’s health and spirit.

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Equine Therapy

AHP will play a major role in COMMUNITY HEALTH with its Equine Therapy Programs.

  • Veterans and others who are experiencing PTSD.
  • At-risk Youth who have struggled with school and family relationships.
  • Individuals who are struggling with Substance Abuse, particularly Opiod dependence.
  • Seniors who are isolated and may benefit from horse-human connections.
  • Physically challenged individuals.
  • Emotionally challenged individuals.

The opportunity to be with horses, which seem to look into your soul and will mimic your fears as well as your trust, has been proven to make a substantial difference in many lives.

AHP will deliver these therapeutic benefits to Southeast Kentucky in a safe and welcoming environment.