The Free-Roaming Horses of Kentucky are a unique American treasure.  The Appalachian Horse Center has taken on the task of managing the herds to ensure their health and safety, as well as managing herd populations so they can sustainably live on the available reclaimed mine land.  We also will provide equine therapy for at-risk or special needs people in Eastern Kentucky, using the gentlest of the free-roaming horses.  And if a horse needs to be re-homed, we will partner with equine rescues to find that horse a home.

Your donations help us care for the horses, and to ensure that the free-roaming herds do not disappear from our beautiful Appalachian mountain landscape, and that we can enjoy watching them and their sense of freedom.

donations are tax-deductible.

Appalachian Horse Project Donation
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MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of Kentucky's Free-Roaming Horses.  Your donations help us care for any horse that needs assistance, whether extra food or vet care.  It also allows us to help pay for Equine Therapy for those in need.

  • $15 can buy a halter
  • $25 can feed two horses for a week in winter
  • $40 can pay for an equine therapy session for a child with special needs
  • $75 can buy a helmet for an equine therapy student
  • $100 can buy a warm winter blanket for a horse