Tours are offered morning and afternoons, starting at 9AM, 1PM and (during hot weather) 4PM., 7 days a week.   The tour lasts 2-3 hours.

Tours go out in all kinds of weather, except for heavy ice or snowstorms, or an unusually heavy rainfall. We will notify you of bad weather within 24 hours of your tour time.


You will be glad to know that about 35% of your tour fee goes directly to the Appalachian Horse Center for helping the horses, such as winter feed, salt blocks, vet care, transportation, etc.  (The rest goes to our Tour Guides).

Adults 12 & over         $35.00
Children ages 5-11 $15.00
Children 4 and under are free.

Refund Policy: If you cancel your tour 48 hours or more before the date, a full refund will be applied. If you cancel 24-48 hours before the date, 80% refund will apply.


We are an AirBn Experience and use the RESERVATION SYSTEM.

NOTE: The Reservation System DOES NOT ALLOW for Children’s Rates, so please reserve for your 5-11 year old at the adult rate and we will issue a credit right after the tour.

Choose your preferred date below

Once you reserve your tour, we will send you a message confirming your reservation. We will ask for your phone number, so that your tour guide can contact you directly prior to the tour. She will call you to make sure you have all the information you need, and will also decide if weather will be a problem.


For larger groups with more than eight people, please call for special pricing.  Contact Ginny Grulke at or 859-940-4672.



You will get a full refund if your tour is cancelled two days in advance.  There will be a 20% fee if your tour is cancelled one day in advance, or the day of the tour.